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About Us

Started as a mill to manufacture orchard tree stakes, nursery tree stakes, plant stakes, and production vegetable stakes sold exclusively through Phoenix Enterprises, of Fresno, CA.

The product lines are now expanded to also include Construction and Concrete Forming Stakes, Erosion Control Stakes, Landscape stakes, Wood Industrial Stock, Kiln stickers, Lath, as well as an expanded line of Orchard tree stakes and Nursery tree and plant stakes.

Image of Orchard Fruits

Meet the Mill

100% of all the wood that enters our mill is utilized. The finished product leaves as stakes. The byproducts go to Kingsford to make charcoal briquets, International Paper to make paper products, as well as local horse barns to supply shavings and sawdust for our equine friends.

Semi Truck Full of Wood
Trailer of Stakes being unloaded by a fork lift
Processing plant with pallets of Stakes
Overhead storage shed full of stakes
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